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“Trabajando sobre masculinidades para prevenir la violencia de genero” / "Working on masculinities to prevent gender based violence (GBV)"
  • The United Nations Population Fund in Venezuela has taken the workshop "Working on masculinities to prevent gender based violence (GBV)" to several communities in Maracaibo, Zulia state. The activity is aimed at young people between 17 and 25 years old.

  • "We hear of violence all over the world and we do not see the man as the aggressor towards the woman but rather the woman as the cause of this violence” Ricardo González, participant

  • The workshop has “the purpose of deconstructing these internal social mandates that mark their behavior, their feelings and thoughts and that in some way can also perpetuate gender violence”, explains Anicarmen Chirinos, UNFPA GBV Local Coordinator.

  • “We have to break with the paradigms of how we should behave as men in this society, love women more, protect the family more”. Jose Gregorio González, another participant of the workshop.

  • This is the contribution that UNFPA makes to put an end to gender-based violence and build a world in which every young person reaches their full development.